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Internal Audit and Risk Management

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Internal Audit and Risk Management

Internal audit is an internal control function that typically works with management to systematically review systems and operations. Among the main objectives of these reviews is to identify the effectiveness with which the controls are operating in identifying and mitigating risks as well as the adequacy of these controls in ensuring that the objectives of an organisation are met. Our team is focused on delivering independent assurance over key controls within our clients’ processes. As a hybrid of both audit and advisory function, Weekson Lake provides recommendations that focus on efficiency and innovation in order for SMEs to meet their strategic needs.

Weekson Lakes offers this services as a cost effective means of reviewing these controls for SMEs that might not be in a position to employ or set up its own internal audit function.

The risk management team at Weekson Lake is a corporate advisory function that assist SMEs in designing and implementing practical and cost-effective risk management functions. In this ever changing business environment which is exposed to global risk emanating from the shrinking cross border trading restriction, the business risk have never been greater. In this regard, the need for a robust risk management function cannot be overemphasized.  However, achieving effective risk management capabilities requires a significant level of investment in skilled resources, methods, training and technical infrastructure.

Weekson Lake assists SMEs to access risk management services by leveraging on our methodologies, technology and experienced professionals.